Infant Nutrition

Toddler & Children Nutrition:

As your child grows and starts developing a taste for food, it is vital to ensure that they are introduced to the correct foods to develop their palette and are fed a well-balanced diet. He or she will be growing quickly and becoming more active.

To meet the extra demands of growth children have higher energy and nutrient requirements for their body size compared to adults. It is therefore important that they are offered foods and drinks that provide adequate energy and nutrients for their needs. 


Digestive Problems:

Many problems that may affect a child’s digestive system require clinical care by a physician or other health care professional. If you are concerned that your child may be suffering from a digestive problem, please contact your General Practitioner for further advice. 

Following a clinical diagnosis, I can assist you with meals and recipe packs for your child. All recipes are designed to fit in with your typical day, taking into account medical history and working patterns. You will be provided with continuous support and weekly consultations to track the progress of your child, closely monitoring their behaviour, weight and attitude towards food.

Fussy Eating:

I’m passionate about getting the right nutrition messages out to mums and dads to ensure that their children have the best start in life.

Using several techniques, we can work together to help your child overcome fussy eating habits and learn to enjoy the food they eat. It is natural to worry whether your infant or child is refusing to eat or try new foods.

I can help coach and guide you in taking a variety of different steps to help you overcome the challenges of your child’s fussy eating, making meal times joyous again.


Any Questions?

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