Weight Management

Diets don't work.

My aim is to help you enjoy the food you’re consuming to help you reach your dietary goals. Whether they may be:

  • Weight Loss
  • Weight Gain
  • Muscle Building
  • Calculating MACROS
  • Maintaining Weight Loss

My success is your success. I will ensure you are coached and guided to help you achieve your desired goals. You are GUARANTEED success through determination, commitment and my guidance. 


What you can expect from Nutriprep Weight Management Programmes:

*The topics will vary depending on your personalised needs.

Client Photo
Mujahid A 14.02.2021

I cannot thank Marina enough for what she has done for me, my successful weight loss journey is a testament to the dedication she has for helping people reach their goals. Nutriprep was born from Marina's own personal weight loss journey and having someone there for you every step of the way who has been through it all makes it all the more easier. Thank you Marina and keep up the great work.

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Pauline A 16.02.2021

Marina has been an incredible help for me. My partner needs a specific diet, and Marina gave me loads of advice and recipes to create healthy, adapted but still delicous meals! Moreover, she helped me to understand his disease, so I can now create my own recipes without any fear of making mistakes. Her kindness, devotion and knowledge are making Marina a wonderful nutritionist!

Any Questions?

Marina at Nutriprep Nutrition has all the answers to start you off on a journey to a better you.