15-Minute Meals

Creamy-Pesto Egg ToastBy Ginny CsoriEggs are a wonderful and nutritious breakfast choice, but are you bored of your regular fried eggs every morning? Why not try a new recipe and combine it with some pesto. Delicious, high in protein and filling start to a busy day. This recipe is so convenient you will have your breakfast ready in just under 15 minutes.
Banana Oat Breakfast BarsBy Ginny CsoriThese sweet banana calories and oat breakfast bars are a delicious breakfast choice made with just 6 ingredients! You can easily prepare these ahead for the week to have them ready on the go or make them warm in the morning. The creamy and nutty peanut butter works wonderfully with the sweet and ripe bananas. This recipe is also refined sugar-free but still a sweet treat. The texture of these bars is soft and chewy with some crunchy chocolate chips inside. You won't want to miss this one!
Creamy Avocado PastaBy Ginny CsoriThis recipe will only require 15 minutes of your time to make this amazing bowl of creamy and rich avocado pasta! You can use any pasta of your choice for this recipe, but whole wheat pasta is a great option to choose for its high fibre content. Avocadoes are a great source of healthy fats and vitamins E, K, C, and much more! For the creamiest sauce, the secret lies in a perfectly ripe avocado and a fork! Once you try you will never reach for heavy cream again! ​
Peanut Noodle BowlBy Ginny CsoriThe BEST Peanut Noodle Recipe! The combination of tamari, smooth peanut butter and maple syrup is out of this world! Try this rich peanuty, creamy dish with smooth soba noodles and crispy tofu! ​ Including tofu io a vegan/vegetarian diet is especially important for its high-protein content. In addition, tofu is naturally gluten-free and provides a great source of calcium and iron. Tofu is also very versatile and relatively flavourless on its own, therefore don't forget to garnish with toasted sesame seeds and spring onions. ​ ​
Moroccan Chickpea StewBy Ginny CsoriThe distinct flavours of Morrocco in one warming dish of chickpeas. This delicious recipe is made with green beans, spinach, aubergine and lots of spices for a wonderful combination of tastes and flavours. Resist the temptation for seconds, (or not) because this meal will be having you asking for more! This convenient recipe is the perfect for cooking on a budget, made from all cupboard staple ingredients. ​
Two Ingredient Dough PizzaBy Ginny CsoriCraving some pizza but without the faff? The recipe calls for just 2 ingredients, Greek yoghurt and whole wheat self-raising flour. This homemade pizza can be made in no time and does not require that much effort or time at all, making it a dinner party favourite that you can whip up with friends. Customise your pizza by picking and choosing your favourite toppings to make it your own! ​
Easy 15 Minute Prawn Fried RiceBy Ginny CsoriThis easy fried rice will be your next go-to mid-week recipe. Long-grained rice, softened shallots, snow peas, prawns and much more are tossed together in a warm and hearty bowl in just 15 minutes! This recipe is so versatile and can be tried in many variations or just with whatever ingredients you have at home already. The secret to that delicious silky flavour is to generoulsy mix with some sesame oil. This meal is the perfect Entree or makes a tasty side too!
Vegemite RamenBy Ginny CsoriCalling Vegemite and Marmite lovers, this ramen will be your new favourite go-to recipe that is quick and easy to make in the middle of a busy working week. Delicious silky noodles tossed in vegemite and topped with a soft-boiled egg all completed in 15 minutes. This is a quick lunch or dinner recipe for when you don't have the time or energy to make anything too fancy or complicated. ​
Classic Arnold Bennett OmeletteBy Ginny CsoriThis recipe will not be your average Sunday brunch! Delicious smoked haddock embedded in a fluffy buttery omelette for a wonderful combination of flavour. The toasted walnuts give the soft and fluffy eggs a much needed crunch that is undeniably satisfying and enjoyable with every mouthful. Inspired by the signature dish ordered by Arnold Bennett at the Savoy Grill in 1920.​
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